We are proud to be working alongside Olio, the Food Sharing App and we would love to take the time to mention this wonderful local community based altruistic project


As part of Spar Food Waste Heroes, our staff members are actively picking up items that would otherwise go to food waste from Eat 17 in Homerton, Hackney and distributing to the local community.


Over Christmas 2017 we managed to feed over 30 people and fill their cupboards with excellent quality organic foods and bring a smile that would otherwise have been missing. Not to forget stopping those hungry bellies from grumbling!


We are proud to be associated with Olio and will endeavour to bring as much publicity to this wonderful project as we can.

Our work with Freegle Haringey

08/01/18 \\ Charity

We have been managing Freegle and Freecycle Groups since 2009 and are currently proud to be the managers of Haringey Freegle which has 26,000 active current members


This is is a grass roots local community item distribution community where members give and request items that they want or no longer require.


We have directly helped to distribute many tens of thousands of pounds worth of household goods and electronics that would have otherwise ended up in a recycling refuse centre somewhere or part of a third world refuse mountain.


Click here for more information on what Freegle does.


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